Notes for Members and Parents/Guardians

Reviewed: August 2016

These brief notes offer guidance on how the 29th Glasgow Scout Group (the “Group”) operates and how parents can help their children benefit most from their membership.

For the purpose of this guidance the term “Parents” means parents and guardians.


1.     Organisation

The Group is organised in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) of Scouting, which can be found here.

The Group is a registered charity (Scottish Charity No. SC022392) and is positioned within the South Western District of the Clyde Region Scout Council, which is the largest Area reporting to Scottish Headquarters of the Scout Association.

All leaders and members of the fund raising Executive Committee (the Committee) are volunteers. Section leaders can chose to be on the Committee which is otherwise made up of parents and friends of the Group. The Executive Committee Chairman is appointed by the Group Scout Leader and the responsibilities of the committee can be found in Rule 3.23 of the POR which can be found here.


2.     Leadership

Leaders, Sectional Assistants and Skills Instructors must be vetted and comply with key scouting policies to ensure the safety and security of our members. Appointments are reviewed every five years by the District Appointments Advisory Committee headed by the District Commissioner. New Leaders are obliged to undertake appropriate Leader Training within a prescribed period from the time of their appointment.

The Group is headed by the Group Scout Leader, supported by Assistant Group Scout Leaders. Each Section; Beavers, Cubs, Discovery Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Explorer Sea Scouts; is headed by a Section Leader, with the support of Assistant Section Leaders.


3.     Funding

The Group is largely self-funding and receives no support from any statutory body. The Committee runs a series of fund raising events during the year to pay for the running costs and maintenance of the halls and minibuses.

The Group has had some success in raising funds from trusts and charitable bodies, which are mainly focused toward the provision of capital items but not running costs. Contributions from trusts and charitable bodies are subject to increasingly active competition from many other voluntary bodies, and the Group considers any such support as being in addition to its own efforts in raising funds.

To encourage youngsters to join our Group, fees are kept to a minimum and are set to cover only:

  • The cost of running the section;
  • A “per head” capitation payment to Scout headquarters;
  • A small contribution towards maintenance of assets, including halls, minibuses and equipment.

Youth members and their families are therefore expected to contribute effort, consistent with age and ability, to funds raising events and activities to meet normal establishment and running costs.

In addition to fees, charges may be levied for participation in the many external activities undertaken by Group members including camps, parties, training courses, and excursions.


4.     Insurance

The Group carries several layers of insurance cover. Personal liability insurance is met centrally by the Scout Association on behalf of all responsible Leaders and other persons undertaking activities properly within the operational rules of Scouting. In addition the Group carries separate insurance for assets including halls, minibuses, camping equipment, boats and canoes. Parents should note that neither the Group nor the Scout Association insurance policies cover loss or damage to personal property which is the responsibility of the individual member at all times.


5.     Parent and member responsibilities

5.1.  Communication
Section Leaders make every effort to provide parents with information on upcoming activities and events. This may be done by letter (given to the member to take back to parents), email or Facebook or a combination of these. Parents are asked to look out for these communications and advise the Section Leader if their child is unable to take part.

5.2.  Preparation
Parents will always be notified if an upcoming activity requires special clothing or equipment and, for these situations, parents are asked to ensure that their children arrive suitably prepared and therefore able to take part.

5.3.  Overnight activities
The Group, and the various Sections within the Group, undertake many external activities throughout the Scout year. These tend to become increasingly adventurous as members become older and more skilled and experienced. It is vital that parents are aware of, and give consent to, participation in external activities. Where such activities involve an overnight stay, express permission is required under a separate signature. This requirement for express parental permission applies to all members below the age of 18.

5.4.  Regular activities
Many regular activities, including sailing, canoeing and rock climbing, do not involve overnight accommodation. However, it is still important that parents are aware of the member’s participation and their fitness to so do. Parents will be asked to complete and return a personal information form for the current scouting year, as a ‘blanket’ permission for day to day activities throughout the year. Should your child’s condition change throughout the year, you are asked to inform the Group (through the appropriate Section Leader) immediately in writing. The Group, and by implication the Scout Association, cannot be responsible if it has not been advised of a change of fitness of the member.

5.5.  Fundraising
Since the Group is self-funding there is an expectation that parents will contribute to our fund raising efforts in some capacity. Helping with events can be fun and gives parents an opportunity to network. Involvement can be as little as helping set up a few stalls for our Christmas Fair or, if you have some time and ideas, coming along to our meetings to help plan and run new events. Since leaders are our principle contact with parents we direct all requests for help through them. Please consider responding and set some time aside to get involved. For more information, our upcoming events can be found on our Facebook Page here.

5.6  Behaviours
Youth members are expected to display appropriate behaviours, honouring the Scout Law and Promise at all times. When attending section meetings, including camps and other events, members are expected to display positive behaviours towards one another and Leaders. In particular they must:

  • Listen to and carry out instructions from Leaders, Instructors and helpers;
  • Arrive on time;
  • Wear uniform (when required).

Any indications of violence, swearing, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour will be regarded as a serious breach of our principles of showing respect to one another and working together. Initially, the Leader will try to address any issue directly with the member. Where necessary, the Leader will look for support from the member’s parents or guardian. In extreme cases, the Group reserves the right to remove the member from the Section.